Please fill out this form  to create a ThruTalk organization with one phone service. Allow at least 48 hours for the organization to be created. Once you submit the form, a ticket will be created, which we will reply in to provide updates. If you need more than one phone service, please reply in the ticket ASAP, as that takes about one week to be created. You will only need more than one phone service if you are running multiple lists and scripts at the same time.

Also fill out a Universe Request for, which can be found here Remember that this process takes up to two weeks, so the sooner the better! Once you have confirmed that your list is good, we will load it in to your ThruTalk Organization.

Lastly, send a script in to be loaded in to your service. Feel free to make a copy of the scripts in our solution articles

Click the image below to access the links within the chart: