If you start typing out the name of your list in VAN and it is not showing up in Spoke: 

Check that you are typing out the name exactly

  • Go to VAN and check the name of your list. It might start with a word that you forgot.
  • Go back to Spoke and try to type out the name exactly

Check that the list has under 75k people

  • Spoke has a limit of loading 75000 contacts at a time
  • You may need to split your list up in to multiple campaigns

Check that the folder the list is saved in in VAN has the API Hustle or API Spoke listed as a user

  • You'll need to be shared on the folder in VAN, and you'll also need to be the OWNER of the folder in order to add users to it
  • If you're not the owner, reach out to the owner of the folder, or just make a new folder and save the list you are interested in in that folder as well
  • Then, follow the video below to add "Hustle API" or "Spoke API" as a user!
  • Go back into Spoke and you should be able to see the list.

Why is it a Hustle API? 

In order to expedite the creation of an API between VAN and Spoke, we decided to use the framework of the existing Hustle API, so unfortunately that means that the Spoke AND Hustle API share the same name in VAN.