As of September 30th, the larger U.S. carrier industry is more strictly enforcing their policies and guidelines across the entire application-to-person (A2P) messaging ecosystem. At this time, the messages we send using Spoke (or Hustle in the past) are being considered A2P messages.

Carriers would block based on:
  • complaints of unsolicited messages (as 'spam') without opt-out language
  • content analysis observing the same/similar messages across many phone numbers ("snow shoeing")
  • messages with url shorteners that obscure domains"

In order to avoid your texts being marked as "spam" or violating our carrier policy, please follow the below best practices:

  • Add "Reply STOP to unsubscribe" in your initial text
  • Introduce yourself and your organization in the text message
  • Do not include a link in your initial text
  • Stay away from robotic language like "If so, respond 'yes'" or "click here"
  • Keep texts casual
  • Watch your punctuation! Avoid parenthesis, quotation marks, or extra punctuation.

Examples of texts that should work:

  • "Great! You can fill out this short survey and we can work with you to get your rent reduced [insert link here]"
  • "Have you been impacted by Covid-19? We'd love to hear from you!"