VAN has now made it possible to search for voters directly from MiniVAN, for any standard MiniVAN list. Canvassers can now search for people in My Voters and add them to their canvass lists.

This is helpful when a canvasser has a conversation with someone in the household who isn't on their targeted list or who recently moved to that address. The canvasser will now be able to search for that person using MiniVAN, add them to their list, and record the results of their conversation. This update also increases the flexibility for street canvassing so you can more easily meet voters where they are.

Keep in mind that this functionality is only available for MiniVAN lists created in My Voters.

When list canvassing, clicking the add person icon will bring up the search screen. The canvasser must enter the person's first and last name, and can also enter a zip code. The results will display names, ages, cities, and states. The canvasser can then select the voter they're looking for or reset the search if needed.

If they select a person from the list, they'll see the script and enter canvass results as they would for someone already on their list.

If the person they're looking for cannot be found, the canvasser will not be able to add them. This is consistent with the My Voters CRM.