Step 1 - 

Make sure that your committee in VAN has access to predictive dialer. If you do not see this option, please reach out to requesting access to predictive dialer. We will need your organization's outgoing phone number for caller ID. NYCET will send an email to VAN and they will activate your account. 

Step 2 -

Make sure the administrator at your organization has the right user level access in VAN to see predictive dialer set up options. Please reach out to if you do not see this

Step 3  

Set up your predictive dialer funds & campaigns with the instructions below: 

Video Guide: How to Set Up a Predictive Dialer Campaign:

In order to view this video, you must be logged into VAN before clicking on the link.

PDF Guide: Attached a "set up guide" with instructions on how to get started

You can also view NGP VAN's guide on setting up Predictive Dialer here: