1. VIA VML (VAN My List)

    1. Click the SMS button in the VAN Dashboard > Send.
      • Note: If a contact has more than one number, Hustle will import multiple contact records. image11.png
    2. You’ll be directed to Hustle’s VAN List Import Wizard; click Get Started. image16.png
    3. Choose which Hustle fields should match with which VAN fields > Continue. image3.png
    4. Create or apply tags to contacts > Continue
      • If you’re a group admin and can’t create or apply tags, reach out to your organization admin.image13.png
    5. Create a new group or add contacts to an existing group > Submit.
      • Note: Group admins can only add contacts to existing groups.image14.png
    6. Contacts will be pushed into the group and left unassigned.