For a guide on how to add canvassers & set up goals in hustle, you can watch this video we made:


Step 1

Select the "group" of contacts you are working on in Hustle

Step 2

Click on the "Canvassers" or "Agents" tab, then click on "Add Canvasser" or "Add Agent"

Step 3

If your canvasser has already Hustled with you, then add them by starting to type out their name in "Add Canvasser from Another Group"

If your canvasser is new to Hustling with you, then use "Add a single canvasser" 

Step 4

Fill out all of the information in the add canvasser form, making sure to check the "Send security code immediately" box

Step 5

Check that your canvasser receives a text with instructions to set up their account! Your canvasser can then either join Hustle through their phone, or can log into Hustle at