Make sure you are in "My Voters".

Under the "View Your Dashboard" section of the "Main Menu", click on "Request a User Account." Fill in required fields.

We will see this request and can create an account for you. The email you provided will be sent an activation link, please note that the link expires in 48 hours.

In the detailed description of request text box, please send me the person's title at your organization, if applicable, and let me know their role at your org: 

  • Phone Banking or Canvassing ONLY usually for volunteers
  • All of the Above + Data Entry usually for volunteers or interns
  • All of the Above + Standard Access (Create a List + Scripts + MiniVAN Set Up + Virtual Phone Bank Set Up, etc) usually for most civic engagement staff at your org
  • All of the Above + Predictive Dialer

If you are an org with a c3 & c4, please specify whether this person should have access to your c3 VAN, c4 VAN, or both.